5 Things to Never Say to Queer Couples Postpartum

Queer couples are discriminated against on structural and interpersonal levels.

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Childhood Adversity

Our solutions to community support must be trauma informed and take into account structural violence and oppression.

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Things Not to Say to the Parents of a Transgender Child

Parents of transgender and gender nonconforming young people face discrimination in their efforts to raise young people in gender affirming ways.

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7 Parents on What They Learned from Their Trans Kids

7 Parents on What They Learned from Their Trans Kids

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Justice for All

Structural discrimination through bigoted legislation has an impact on health outcomes.

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Interview via Hot Moms Club

The landscape of parenting blogs and podcasts on the internet is fairly homogeneous. It is largely white, cisgendered, and heterosexual. But, this is not how the world looks by any means.